Abstinence and Character Education

Here at Next Step, we offer programs that are not only beneficial to the community but for the churches as well.  We offer youth group leaders resources that will educate and encourage their youth.  Listed below are programs and guidelines that we have to offer.  We are happy to give you these resources to use and are willing to come and speak to your group.


* Sexual Integrity and Purity– This outline is great for students of all ages.  It teaches them the importance of remaining pure until their wedding night, the benefits of waiting, and the principles God wants us to live by.
* Pampering a Princess– This program is designed for girls primarily in 6th grade.  It is a story on why waiting for your “Prince” is so important and we also involve a lesson on self-image.  At this time, we also incorporate women in your church to help us pamper these girls by painting their nails, fixing their hair and providing a snack. It is a great way to show these girls that they are special.
* Modesty– This principle is important for both male and females.  We want to be looked at for our character, not our clothing.  This lesson also incorporates the topic of self-esteem.
* Dangers of the Media– Why do we tend to live our lives as 
the world says we should and not how God says we should? 
  Today’s social media has such an influence on all aspects of our children’s lives.  We need to remind them to “be in the world, but not of the world.”
* Parental Guideline– We also offer a parental guideline on teenage sexual integrity and other topics offered by the ACE Program.


For more information contact:  

Wendy Barrett – ACE Program Coordinator