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A History of  our Pregnancy Center in Clarion County


Let us take a trip back in time to the citizens of Clarion County who were witness to a great need. The need to be a voice for the sanctity of life since the legalization of abortion in 1973. The solution to this problem was to offer additional options to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Providing women hope through education and community resources. In 1987, a group called Clarion County Life was formed and within a year, was putting roots down on 611 Main Street, with a new name of AAA Pregnancy Center (and for those of you wondering, the 3A’s stood for Agency for Alternatives to Abortion). At this time providing self-administered pregnancy test was a valuable tool. Along with information about fetal development, abortion, parenting, and adoption, material assistance was added to these services.

Since 1988 AAA Life Services has been replanted three times. First to the former Clarion Hospital on 7th Avenue, then a move to 721 Wood Street, before finally landing on the chance to purchase the property at 140 Greenville Avenue getting us that much closer to Clarion University.  With each move, there was more growth, and growth requires change.  In 2004 the organization changed its name to AAA Life Services because there was a need to more clearly convey to our community that our organization values the individual person; pre-born, children, moms, dads, and family.

Growth also requires pruning back. God would at times prune back staff to a minimum or weed out resources no longer needed. He would trim the finances or the flow of clients. It has been during the times of rest at AAA that the nutrients are being replenished, this then allows new life to spring forth. Such as the Abstinence and Character Education Program (ACE Program) that began in 2001 and has absolutely flourished. 
Then there are times when you sow the seed and you wait…and you wait….and you wait. Our Campus Outreach Coordinator was just that. Seeking, searching and….(yep) waiting. New contacts were developed at the university through the hire of this position in 2014.  However, this position is in our great Gardener’s hands, in 2017 was suspended with the departure of that individual.
 Re-branding with our new name, Next Step Pregnancy Solutions & Services, we are also currently in pursuit of adding medical services with ultrasound. We are in the infancy (pun intended) stages of this endeavor. Our  “Life In Sight” Campaign is underway as we work on raising additional funds, begin construction, add new medical staff and take part in training to further educate staff.