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Considering an Abortion?

Are you feeling that this is the wrong time for a baby? 

Maybe you’re not ready to be pregnant.  Maybe you don’t want anyone to know. We understand.  Perhaps you’re getting some pressure to make this decision.  People like the baby’s father, some close friends or maybe your parents are telling you to have an abortion. We understand that too.


Getting all the info... You deserve the facts!

Let's first make sure you have accurate information about what is going on. Are you really pregnant? Next Step Pregnancy Solutions and Services offers a safe environment for you to have a pregnancy test.  We understand that the decision you make regarding an unplanned pregnancy will affect you the rest of your life.

Abortion methods vary depending on how far along the pregnancy is including surgical abortions, the Abortion Pill and the Morning After Pill (Plan B One-Step®).  You deserve to know what is involved in these various procedures.


We can help.

At Next Step Pregnancy Solutions and Services, we want to help you understand your choices. We’ll talk with you about your health and your pregnancy options. Contact us at 814-226-7007 or just stop by.

After hours call our helpline at: 1-800-712-4357

We’re here to listen. We’re here for you.

Note: We offer accurate information about pregnancy options, however, we do not perform or refer for abortion services and we provide a written disclaimer to this effect to individuals requesting services. This information is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice. 

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