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It’s not easy to be where you are right now, but with information and support, you can make healthy decisions for yourself and your baby.

Through adoption, you’ll be able to continue to pursue your goals and plans.  You can resume your education or career and continue to live independently without the financial/emotional weight of parenting prematurely.  You’ll also be free to choose whether or not you wish to develop a long-term relationship with the baby’s father.

Adoption can be a choice that you feel good about knowing that your child is growing in a healthy, secure environment that you selected. You’ll remember giving birth and may get to see or hold your baby. And best of all, your pregnancy ends in giving life.


Think you could never give up your baby?

Most women in an unexpected pregnancy feel this way at first, but it is important to consider your circumstances. Take some time to think of the cost and responsibility of choosing single motherhood. Successful child rearing, while greatly rewarding, can be very demanding.  Most birth mothers who choose adoption experience some grief, but later say it was the right decision for them and for their baby.


Other adoption benefits:

  • You can get to know the prospective parents.

  • Your adoption plan may include financial assistance for prenatal care and childbirth expenses.

  • Your child can benefit from the security of being raised in a two-parent family.

  • You can choose to stay informed about your child’s well-being.


Information on adoption services: Adoption Connection PA

 The above referral is intended solely for your convenience. This agency is not affiliated with this office, and no express or implied warranty is made concerning the quality of services or goods offered. You are therefore cautioned to make your own determination as to the fitness of any such agency and of any services or goods offered by them. 

Note: This information is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice. 


You are not alone ~ We are here to help


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