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Think She May Be Pregnant?

First Things First


Listen. The situation involves the two of you. Hear her out.  Think. Then share your thoughts.

Offer her support.  She needs you now to be in her corner looking out for her best interests.

Talk about it - not only with each other, but prepare to talk with parents and others close to the situation. Hiding the news from people who can genuinely help you only increases the stress.

Gather the facts. Get all the information and seek wise counsel so you can make the best decision for you both.

Express yourself honestly - it's normal to have feelings of anger, frustration and fear. But make sure she knows she is not alone.

Image by Jared Sluyter

I Feel Trapped, What Are My Options?

If you’ve gotten your girlfriend pregnant, don’t be pressured into making a quick decision. It is not unusual to feel trapped, to want to keep the pregnancy a secret, or to want it to disappear. Don’t base your decision on fear, panic or pressure. As the man, you feel the responsibility to take care of your girlfriend and your child. You have options in the face of this unplanned pregnancy, and with a little help, you and your girlfriend can make a decision that is healthy for her, for you, for your baby and for your relationship. Be careful not to just say that you will support her in whatever she decides to do – you have a voice and your thoughts are important. Weigh the pros and cons, and then take the road that is best for you. It might not be the easiest, but the one that leads to a healthy, productive future for all of you.

Image by Brittani Burns

Are You a Dad or Soon to Be Dad?

We are proud to offer programming for dads including:

  • Real Time

  • Role Models

  • Respect for Mothers

  • Being a Leader

  • Discipline Foundation

  • Discipline Guidelines

  • Situational Discipline

  • Being Consistent

Also offering one-on-one mentoring for men.

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