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Now Hiring:

  • Program Coordinator

  • Nurse Manager  

  Job description and application below


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Next Step 

Pregnancy and Solutions

140 Greenville Avenue

Clarion, Pa 16214


Position is: Full Time (28-35 hours)


Reports to: Executive Director


Overall Responsibilities: The Program Coordinator has the responsibility for the overall development, implementation and operation of the SRA Program of Next Step.  This program is in conjunction with this ministry’s mission statement and statement of faith which promotes sexual integrity (abstinence).  The duties include the training and coordination of all Program Facilitators, and the implementation of necessary programs to facilitate the program in schools, youth groups, CUP and organizations.  


Key Area of Responsibility


  1. Interact with the direct supervisor to maintain current and appropriate education materials, relate needs, problems, progress, goal setting and implementation.

  2. Organized record keeping and reporting of Clarion County students’ numbers and overall programming outreach outcomes.

  3. Maintain a working relationship with target audiences, such as schools, churches, agencies, university and youth organizations, promoting the program and this ministry

  4. Actively pursue and engage new opportunities for the program.

  5. Recruit and establish a prayer team as an integral part of the program.

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 6. Utilizing social media to promote Program and Next Step services.                           7. Schedule and implement all program requests and appropriate speaker.     8. Participate in development functions/events as requested by the direct supervisor.




  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position.

  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith and policies of the center.

  4. Have one year of experience as a volunteer in some ministry capacity.

  5. Have two years of experience in a helping profession in a position requiring some management skills, or related experience.

  6. Exhibit skill in interpersonal communication. 

  7. Must be self-motivated and take initiative.

  8. Knowledge of navigating social media and virtual programming.

  9. Follow through on responsibilities with little or no supervision.



Abstinence Policy:  Regarding sexual activity and relationships, the philosophy of Next Step is that sexual abstinence until and within marriage, being one man and one woman, is the only 100% effective means of preventing unwanted sexually related outcomes.  Therefore, this philosophy is implemented on all levels of center operations including client counsel, school presentations, and the expected lifestyle of volunteers, all staff and Board Members.

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Download application if interested.

Mail or bring applications to:

Next Step 

Pregnancy and Solutions

140 Greenville Avenue

Clarion, Pa 16214

Now Hiring - Volunteer

Medical Director

Position is for: 10 hours</month


Reports to: Board of Directors alongside Executive Director

Supervises:  Nurse Manager and Medical Team Members

The Medical Director’s professional license will be responsible for the practice of medicine at the Next Step. The Medical Director may be either an MD or DO.  No specialty is required but preferably a doctor who has some experience/knowledge/training with female reproduction, for example a Family Practitioner, Internist, OBGYN, Emergency Room Doctor, General Practitioner, etc…


Must be Licensed and in good standing with the state medical board:


  • Reading Ultrasounds Scans.   If the Medical Director cannot read scans, there are two options:


                                    1.  He/she gets trained to read scans.  (available upon request)


                                    2.  You recruit a physician to read the scans such as an OBGYN or Radiologist.


  • Job description and agreement.  


  • Time Commitment:  At the beginning, the Medical Director will need to take time to review and approve the medical policies and procedures prepared by the Nurse Manager.  The Medical Director will need to sign the Standing Orders and approve of the medical personal.  The Medical Director will also need to ensure that the RN, or whoever is trained to scan (NP, PA), has been assessed for competency and is ready to scan unsupervised.  Once the clinic is up and running, the Medical Director will need to be available for phone conferences as needed (infrequently) with the Nurse Manager and to read the scans electronically, preferably within 24 hours.  It would be an added bonus if the Medical Director could come on site at times, to review charts, supervise staff, etc., but if time does not allow, all this oversight can be done remotely.


Medical malpractice insurance:  Next Step must have a medical malpractice policy that covers the medical services provided on site.  If the Medical Director’s own insurance does not cover him/her while he/she is volunteering, then Next Step can endorse coverage for the Medical Director on to its policy for an additional premium.


Medical Malpractice concerns:  Due to the limited nature of the medical services provided at Next Step, the risk of liability is limited as well.  Services are limited to urine pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasounds to confirm a viable intrauterine pregnancy (by well-trained and proven competent medical personnel), and perhaps STI testing and treatment.  A woman who is bleeding or cramping does not meet the criteria to receive an ultrasound from Next Step.  The biggest risk is a missed ectopic.  NIFLA (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates) is aware of four such claims since we commenced ultrasound services almost 20 years ago, and in all four there was a subsequent provider that was culpable.  Our trained providers handled the situations with caution and when they did not see what they normally expected to see on the ultrasound, they gave the patient ectopic and miscarriage precautions and referred them to their medical provider/emergency room.  So the risk of liability is low, but only if the sonographer is trained well according to national guidelines.  The NIFLA course and Soundview Imaging hands-on supervision is highly recommend.