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Here to Listen. Here For you.

This program is for mothers and fathers interested in earning necessary items for pregnancy and child care. Baby bucks are earned here at Next Step by completing Bright Course classes and by being involved with community agencies. Who says earning can’t be fun! The program is free of charge, not county restricted and available for parents until the child turns two years of age. 

Click on interested course below for list of classes

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What is the definition of a monthly appointment?

  •  Appointments can be in person here at the center – up to 1 appointment per month (unless a more specific need is identified). Up to two Bright course lessons can be completed at each appointment.

  • Appointments can be digitally completed with Bright Course Curriculum  - The assigned course(s) has to be completed or is not considered an appointment. We will provide follow up to the completed course at your appointment here at the center.

  • Appointments can be in a group setting here at Next step

*No show to appointments do not count toward baby bucks – in other words, just having the appointment does not earn baby bucks – you must be present or complete the assigned curriculum to earn baby bucks


* More than one no show appointment can result in loss of 10 baby bucks. Calling to cancel or reschedule an appointment is not considered a no show


* Being late to your appointment will be considered a no show after the first episode. Being late is considered 15 minutes past your appointment time. Please be considerate of others and respectful of others' time. 

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