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We are always looking for good volunteers!

Do you have a heart for ministry?

A heart for volunteerism?

Like working behind the scene?

Do you like to help with events?

Are you interested in helping out in the area schools?

Could you help answer the phone?

Would you be interested in helping clients?

Or running a parenting program?

What about maintenance upkeep?

Do you like to mow the grass?

Are you good with your hands? 

Do you know about IT and Tech stuff?

Would you like to be a blessing to the ministry?

Current Need for Volunteers:

Anything in the list above peak your interest to partner with Next Step through volunteering? 

Have questions about any volunteer position? Feel free to call our center to get more information. 

"If it wasn't for Him, there wouldn't be you, if it wasn't for you ,there wouldn't be Next Step."

To reach our community we need YOU. 

To read volunteer descriptions and download application click on PDFs below below:


Life Line Volunteer

Client Advocate

(Click PDF for job description and application)

Life Support Volunteer

"Behind the Scene"


(Click PDF for job description 
and application)

church service

Church Ambassador

(Click PDF for description)


    Community Coordinator

(Click PDF for Description)

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